Pepperoni’s Tavern takes great pride in serving Quality Desserts. Most of our Desserts are prepared in house! Chocolate, Caramel and Strawberry sauces can be added to any dessert at no additional charge. Want whip cream… that’s free as well. If you would like your dessert warm, we can do that for you too!

Tiramisu: Italian wedding cake- espresso soaked lady fingers and marscapone zabaglione with a dusting of cocoa

New York Cheese Cake: Philadelphia Brand Heavy Cheesecake

Special Cheese Cake: Chef’s selection du jour

Carrot Cake: Homemade here in house

Chocolate Cake: Chocolate on chocolate- any questions????

Fudge Mountain Brownie: A warmed brownie with 3 scoops of our ice cream and hot fudge

Iced Brownies: “2 day brownies” – Connie says you can’t eat it in one day- baked fresh here

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